Interpreting: Since I am a graduate conference interpreter...

...and have many years of experience, I provide you with reliable and professional interpreting services in the various interpreting techniques. I am willing to travel within Europe or further afield for work assignments. Confidentiality is, of course, guaranteed as interpreters and translators are subject to professional secrecy. I provide you with expertise by thoroughly preparing the respective subject.

Conference organisation: I am happy to advise you about suitable interpreting techniques and linguistic preparation during the organisation of your conference. Due to my many years of co-operating with highly-qualified colleagues, I am able to organise larger teams of interpreters, possibly for additional languages, and interpreting equipment for you.

Translations: I translate general and technical documents for you. Terminological consistency and suitability as well as sound prior research are an inherent part of my work. I deliver the texts on schedule and at short notice where required.

Certification of documents: As a sworn interpreter for the German, English and French languages I can translate official documents from these languages and certify them for you (e.g. certificates).